Jake Murray

Ever had that thought while driving, ” Oh look at that! I wish I had a picture of that.” Or “I should pull over and take a photo of that.” But then “I’ll take it on the way back.” but you don’t. ¬†Well I said to myself enough of that!

I have been taking photos since before I could read. My father put a camera in my hand and I took photos of the same tree in the same park for days. Back then it was film. I learned how to load the camera, focus, and shoot. I loved going to the store and turning in my film and waiting days for it to come back.

Then digital came into my life. I don’t remember what my first digital camera was, but I did not know how to use it. But I was ready to learn every inch of that piece of equipment, and I did. Being able to look at the photo right then and there was a game changer.

Fast forward 20 years give or take, I have had ups and downs, but a camera was always in my hand. Now when people say photographer, the majority of the time they mean they take pictures with their iPhone, put a filter on it, #hashtag and press “Upload” . Yes I do “Upload” photos to Social Media, as that is the way my fellows can see. Although very satisfying, I have always been in love with the process of the actual photo. Where should I go to take the best photo I can? What time of day is the best time? Will I have to do some touch ups? What does the photo say? What is the story behind the photo? Does it being up mixed emotions, and why?

Like I said, I have been taking photos for some 20 years now, but it was always just a hobby. In a way it still is. I have decided to pull over and take that photo I always wanted to. I have decided to go to that place to take that photo I dream about in my mind. Regardless of what the end goal is, I can look back in another 20 years at my photo album and say, “This photo has a great story.”


-Jake Murray, Photographer